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A circular fashion change agency. 

Sustainable Fashion & Circular Economy unified
to create a common future of responsibility and prosperity.


Cirkla Modo is an independent consultancy for circular fashion and sustainability projects within the European Union and Brazil, created to foster the shift towards the implementation of related circular economy principles.

To support our clients in identifying and developing sustainable and circular strategies, we offer consultancy and our broadest network to promote national and international cooperation. We also work from product design concept to implementation, made by measure to your brand. And finally, further information and education is part of our activities too, sharing the concept to companies, educational institutions and initiatives via trainings, workshops and guest lectures.

This way, Cirkla Modo aims to contribute to a no-waste, responsible, and prosperous fashion world.

Some of Cirkla Modo's services are:


To explore, develop and implement
tailored sustainable & circular strategies,
design ideas, business models
and communication support
towards a circular fashion future.


To research and evaluate new materials,
techniques, technologies, processes
and partners in the value-chain
which can be relevant to
your circular fashion project.


To develop workshops, speeches
and articles about the
circularity of fashion for brands,
educational institutions, programs 
and different media channels.


To serve as a voice of the
Brazilian Sustainable Fashion Market
in Europe, building the
necessary bridges to connect
offers and demands.

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For each project, we assemble a special team with specialists
committed to positive changes, combining circularity, design and innovation.

Alice Beyer Schuch is the founder of Cirkla Modo! A Brazilian living in Germany, and an active professional in the fashion field since 2001 with international experience from Brazil to China. She started its professional education in Fashion Industrial Manufacturing in Brazil, graduated Bachelor in Fashion Design at the Italian Style Design College and concluded a Master in Sustainability in Fashion in Germany. As a Circular Fashion Change Agent, she works in a vary of projects, supporting different clients in the EU and Brazil on their next steps towards a more responsible and circular fashion future. Some related activities are:

            >>> tailored strategies and value-chain connections,

            >>> approaching circular design through guided trainings,

            >>> search for alternative materials and processes,

            >>> support in events, communication and mentoring for the circularity of fashion.

Frederic Di Monte is a French B2B innovation and marketing professional, based in Hamburg, Germany, and the founder of Circular Scout 24 - a partner online community for European Circular Economy makers. Fred owns an Executive MBA and MSc. in Management. He also received certifications in digital transformation, Circular Economy - Sustainable packaging, bio-based materials, waste management and critical raw materials, and Design Thinking. As an international Innovation Coach and Project Manager, he now helps businesses grow and innovate faster by leading project teams that create value with:

            >>> digitalisation and open innovation,

            >>> new business models and markets,

            >>> circular economy from exploration to implementation. 

Beatriz Luz is the founder of Exchange 4 Change Brasil, a specialist in CE Circular Economy that works to boost the debate in the Brazilian market. Bia is a Chemical Engineer with qualifications on strategic marketing, environmental management systems; and water and environmental engineering. With Strategic Intelligence for Circular Economy, she has been helping companies and the Brazilian government in their transition process through training, advice and national and international cross-sectorial projects, such as:

            >>> the production of the first Brazilian CE book with Dutch professionals;

            >>> idealization of NEC - the Circular Economy education network with the largest number of followers in Latin America;

            >>> the lead of the Circular Economy Hub - bringing together all actors for the development of projects in Brazil, in partnership with international experts.

Mariana Cappa Salamanca is an Italian-Colombian Master's student in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries, in Germany. Proactive and forward thinking, Mariana is always eager to support the New Textiles and Processes Investigation for the fashion industry. She is passionate about taking on new projects that help her to fulfil her vision - she strives to educate others on the environmental impact of the fashion industry, while being a positive voice for change to transform the fashion landscape into a more sustainable industry.