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...the professional path of Alice, the founder of Cirkla Modo...

when, what and where it happend!

In the map, in red, some places mentioned in this timeline. In blue, other places where Alice also has been, getting to know cultures, languages, tastes, horizons, maps perspectives… As one of her favourite sentences says, from Seneca: “I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land”. So here it goes, Alice's professional related experiences, from present to past!


2020.11 - Invitation to be part of the jury for the collaborative research project Re:FREAM.

2020.10 - As partner of the Plastic Free World Virtual Summit, Alice is talking about "Designing circularity into apparel".

2020.08 - New role as Mentor for the EU Commission projects WORTH and ELIIT, supporting 5 SMEs on their circular path.

2020.04 - The ELIIT Project invites Alice to be a Member of the Steering Board.


2020.03 - Cirkla Modo's founder, Alice Beyer Schuch, is now a proud Circular Expert Partner in the field of fashion of Circular Scout 24, a community for European Circular Economy makers!


2020.03 - WORTH Partnership Project Weekend takes place in Valencia, Spain. As a Steering Board Member, Alice was there for the evaluation of the 3rd call projects, as well as sharing information in the lecture "The Power of Recirculation - and the Role of the Designer" and in the discussion on the Future of the Fashion and Creative Industry.

2020.02 - In Paris for the Première Vision Smart Creation area, supporting Cirkla Modo's clients - CLASS, Natural Cotton Color and EcoSimple. 

2020.01 - Workshop "Sustainable Design Strategies" for the Master Students of the "Sustainability in Fashion & Creative Industries" at AMD Akademie für Mode & Design in Berlin, Germany.

2020.01 - CIRKLA MODO is a supporter of the Plastic Free World Conference & Expo, which will take place in Cologne, Germany, 9th-10th November 2020 (changed to Plastic Free World Virtual Summit due to COVID).

2020.01 - BRAZILIAN HUB by Cirkla Modo was showcasing sustainable fashion brands from Brazil at NEONYT, in Berlin, Germany.


2019.12 - Alice in now a Mermber of the Steering Board of the WORTH Partnership Project.

2019.11 - The online course "Circular Economy" offered by Senai/Brazil is online, and had  Alice's collaboration for the Chapter "Design as a transforming factor". The material was organized by Exchange 4 Change Brasil.

2019.11 - Brazilian Tour during the 3rd Brasil Eco Fashion Week, with special participation at the round tables "Design & Sustainability" and "Circular Alternatives for tha Brazilian Fashion". Cirkla Modo also led the workshop "Circular Design Strategies Here and Now!", including the development of a special TOOLKIT for Designers.

2019.09 - Consultacy at sustainable fairs and events for several brands: at Impact Who's Next, Smart Creation Première Vision and Circular Fashion Summit in Paris.

2019.08 - Curation of the exhibitors for the Brazilian Eco Fashion Week BEFW. 

2019.07 - The collaboration for Research and Anlysis Consultancy on sustainable materials and processes for CLASS, Italy, has started.

2019. 07 - Submission of C.O.D.S.S. project for the SOLVE MIT challenge. C.O.D.S.S. Circular On-demand Social Smart collection is proposed by the brazilian brand Movin. Cirkla Modo is part of the the expert team, giving inputs of materials and design strategies, embracing the fully circularity potencial of products.

2019.06 - Guest Lecture on Innovative Materials & Circular Economy, at AMD Akademie für Mode & Design in Berlin, Germany.

2019. 05 - Talking about circularity as a new concept for fashion, for the online program CoNEXO by Pagina 2, from Brazil. 

2019.05 - Cirkla Modo guided the work-group "Transparency and  verification of material streams in Berlin", together with Ina Budde from circular.fashion, during the workshop "Berlin Circular Fashion" realised by Circular Berlin and Future Fashion Foward at Zalando,

2019.04 - Invited to be part of the "Circular Fashion round table" in behalf of of Cirkla Modo and CEC Circular Economy Club from London, during the 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week in Budapest, Hungary. 

2019.03 - Realization of a 4-days-worshop on "Design for Circularity" at AMD Akademie für Mode & Design in Hamburg, Germany.

2019.02 - Leading a training on "Circular  Fashion-Design Strategies" for the main group of designers of a relevant Brazilian fashion-chain: Renner. The first time a brand takes action in this direction in the country!

2019.01 - Lecture "Circular Fashion introduction" at the sustainable fashion fair XOOM powered by Innatex, in Berlin, Germany.


2018.11 -  Participating in the Brasil Eco Fashion Week, invited by TexBrasil - Brazilian Textile & Fashion Industry Internationalization Program, with the aim of amplifying the connection between the Brazilian and the German/European sustainable fashion markets (Exame Magazine has interviewed Alice for its article featuring the program).  During the event, she was also invited to speak about "Circular Design Strategies" and had two of her circular fashion design projects (on zero-waste and chemically recycled cotton) selected to be shown at the 'design & sustainability' exhibition.

2018.11 - Expert input for the (R)Tech Global Retail Challenge - reimagining retail through Circular Economy, offered by RILA and McGill University, Canada.

2018.10 - Sharing knowledge for the Pinker Moda Magazine (Issue #362) from Spain, on its main article about the future digitalization of fashion.


2018.10 - Collaboration on the Brazilian Book “Reinvent: art, fashion and sustainability for a better world”. Alice was invited to write an inspirational article on her personal sustainable circular fashion path.  

2018.09 - Invited by Natural Cotton Color from Brazil to be part of the World Trade Organization Public Forum in Ginevra, representing the sustainable fashion scene of the country together with the brand.

2018.09 - Innovators reviewer of the 2018 LAUNCH Circular from Denmark.

2018.06 - Network partnership with Ashoka Netherlands for its CircularFutures program.

2018.05 - Guest Lecture offered on Circular Fashion Srategies at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration, talking to the Sustainability Leadership students.

2018.04 - Circular Economy Mapping Event in Hamburg is organized by Cirkla Modo, with the support of Tchibo, TexAid, Grüner Hering and HAW University Department of Design. The Event was globally idealized by Circular Economy Club from England n collaboration with Circle Economy from The Netherlands, happening in around 70 participant cities.

2018.02 – Short project  developing first steps for unifying sustainable fashion players at the whole value-chain for the B2B platform Pumproom.net.

2018.01 - Alice writes about Cicular Fashion to the white-paper "More Sustainability for Fashion Brands" (+ Sustentabilidade às Marcas de Moda - in portuguese) coordinated by Isabela Marotto and with the collaboration of 15 Brazilian professionals. 


2017.12 - Participation on the 2018 Forecast for the Fashion industry promoted by Slow Fashion Next platform, from Spain.

2017.10 - Development of strategic ideas on sustainability and circularity for a well-known brazilian flip-flop brand on possible short, middle and long term actions.

2017.10 – The Film “The Future of Fashion” has been finished – a student-tool for the HOOU Hamburg Open Online University / HAW Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg and coordinated by Elina Artis, from Info 4 Fashion coaching platform.

2017.08 – The online course “Circular Economy and New Business of Fashion” has just graduated a new group, in collaboration with the Spanish platform Slow Fashion Next.

2017.07 – Mentorship section offered in collaboration with Circular Economy Club, from London, England.

2017.07 – Invited to talk about entrepreneurship and circular economy for the 30th Entrepreneurship School, from Think Young, in Brussels, Belgium.

2017.07 – Interview about circular fashion for the Brazilian platform Slow Down Fashion, and for the London based “Lost in Talent”.

2017.07 – Participation on the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, Germany, with a stand of curated sustainable Brazilian fashion brands.

2017.05 – New collaboration between Fashion for Good and Cirkla Modo, as a framework agreement for the extpert team on textile recycle and circular materials has initiated.

2017.05 – Invited to talk about the chemical recycle of textiles during the VI Sustainable Fashion Journey (Jornada de Moda Sostenible), which happens in Madrid, Spain.

2017.05 – Alice master’s project “Further-textile rebirth catalyst” is exhibited at the Museo del Traje (Costume Museu) in Madrid.

2017.05 – Written articles for relevant Brazilian platforms about the Youth Fashion Summit and the Solutions Lab during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit – sites: modefica, fashion lab, stylo urbano.

2017.05 – Representing the Youth Fashion Summit next-professionals on the main stage of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, in Denmark, introducing the first-ever draft for a UN Resolution on sustainable fashion.

2017.04 – Guess speaker during the Fashion Revolution Week Brasil (Blumenau City), talking about different strategies on #CircularFashion.

2017.03 – New role as Circular Fashion Mentor in the Circular Economy Club (CEC), based in London, England.

2017.02 – Teaching at the on-line course “Circular Economy and New Businesses in Fashion”, offered in colaboration with the spanish plataform Slow Fashion Next.


2016.12 – Invitation for presenting recycling and materials for circularity at “Agora Rollberg Pitches – Circular Textile Practices” for the CRCLR lab, in Berlin, Germany.

2016.11 – “Designing Cradle 2 Cradle Products for the Circular Economy” –  completion of the short intro-course, offered online by C2C Products Innovation Institute, USA.

2016.10 – Alice master’s project “Further-textile rebirth catalyst” is going to Manila, Philippines, with the Exhibition “Fast Fashion – the dark side of fashion” from the MK&G of Hamburg.

2016.10 – Open talks and workshops in Circular Fashion are offered in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo, Caxias do Sul, and Pomerode, in Brazil.

2016.09 – “Cirkla Modo x Anthyia #1Circular Outfit” is shown at Munich Fabric Start, in Germany.

2016.08 – A first article, starting the collaboration with Slow Fashion Next in Madrid, Spain, is published (in Spanish).

2016.08 – The course “Circular Economy: an Introduction”, offered by edX – elaborated by TUDelft University with Ellen MacArthur Foundation (DL) has been completed.

2018.08 – Article published (in Portuguese) at Orbitato, in the city of Pomerode, Brazil.

2016.08 – Alice is learner in the course “How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business”, offered by Future Learn (DL).

2016.07 – Participation on the course “Guide for the development of content in Distance Environmental Education” offered by the Brazilian Environment Ministry (DL).

2016.06 – The collaboration for the platform Slow Fashion Next, from Madrid, Spain starts.

2016.06 – Feevale university, from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, brings Alice and her work as highlighted designer in the fashion scene.

2016.06 – Alice co-organizes (with Ina Budde and Mayya Saliba) the Circular Textile Challenge during the OSCE Open Source Circular Economy Days in Berlin, Germany. The event has special participation of Filippa K (Sweden), Circle Economy, Post-Couture Collective, and Ioniqa (The Netherlands), and Trash 2 Cash program (from Finland). Alice was also a online guest speaker for the OSCE days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016.06 – Alice’s research “Further-textile rebirth catalyst” is published at Production and Development Magazine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016.06 – A collaboration for Aurora Boreal in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the article (in Spanish) "If you like eating fish, pay attention on what you wear"

2016.05 – Alice is selected to be part of the Youth Fashion Summit, as part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, in Denmark.

2016.04 – During the 1st Global Sustainable Fashion Week in Budapest, Hungary, the project “Further” is presented.

2016.03 – Cirkla Modo starts its support for the “Future of Fashion”, a film developed for the Hamburg Open Online University, in Germany.

2016.03 – Cirkla Modo is officialy founded, an independent consultant agency for the sustainability and circularity of fashion in the EU.

2016.03 – This time “Further-textile rebirth catalyst” has illustrated the Fragments Mag(azine), in Japan, as well as the German pages of The Textile Network Magazine and The Purpose of It. It is also part of the presentation of the awarded designer and friend Ina Budde during the Resource event in London, England.

2016.03 – Slow Fashion Next interviews Alice and publishes about her last project. She also collaborates for the article “Recycling with water and salt” for La Razón newspaper in Madrid, Spain.

2016.02 – The project “Further” flies to the Janadriyah Festival, in Saudi Arabia! And also gets the news in Brazil, at platforms as Stylo Urbano, Razões para Acreditar, and IBModa.

2016.02 – The partner of “Further”, developer of chemical recycle of cellulose process, gets the H&M Global Change Award top prize.

2016.01 – Presenting the project “Further” at Greenshowroom and on the runway of Salon Show Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Germany. It is also mentioned as an example for closed loops systems during the lecture of Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow at Greenshowroom: “Fashion in Cycles – ein Paradigmenwechsel”.


2015.12 – Participation at the “Fast Fashion – the dark side of fashion” Exhibition from the MK&G of Hamburg – presented in Dresden, Germany, where the master project “Further” and the “Zero-Waste Hessnatur” project where shown as alternatives for the current fashion situation.

2015.12 – The ES-fashion project initiates, co-founder with Tania Gengo, to booster sustainable and circular fashion practices in Brazil.

2015.11 – Alice’s project “Further” participates on the event promoted by Welthungerhilfe, at Esmod Berlin, Germany.

2015.10 – She graduates Master in Sustainability in Fashion with the project “Further-textile rebirth catalyst” at Esmod Berlin, Germany.

2015.10 – Participation during the CINM – Fashion Business International Congress realized in Porto, Portugal, with her initial master research.

2015.06 – Guest speaker at the Open Source Circular Economy Days – Textile Challenge in Berlin, Germany.

2015.05 – Alice travels to Espoo, in Finland, to dig deeper into the chemical recycle of cotton & cellulose, with the support of Ioncell-F team at Aalto University.

2015.02 – Workshop “Fashion in Cycles” with orientation from EPEA Switzerland CEO Albin Kaelin, Dr Kirsten Brodde from Greenpeace, Rien Otto from Dutch aWEARness, Greenshowroom founder Magdalena Schaffrin, and Johan A. Kryger from Danish Fashion Institute et alii., at Esmod Berlin, Germany.

2014 – 2011

2014 – Zero-Waste project developed with Hessnatur, with guidance from David Telfer and Simone Austen, taking place in Esmod Berlin, Germany.

2014 – Moving to Berlin, Germany, to begin the Sustainability in Fashion Master Program at Esmod.

2014 – Graduates Bachelor in Fashion Design at Style Design College in Milan, Italy (DL).

2013 – After her Asian experience, Alice moves to Hamburg, Germany, to start a new life in sustainability – willing also to take German classes.

2012 – From the seas to over sea. Alice moves from a cruise ship to Wenzhou, China, due to professional opportunity as Product Development and Production Control, where she starts learning Mandarin.

2011 – Intensive English language course taken in Vancouver, Canada.

2010 – 2000

2010 – Alice starts her work (and travel) experience as Promotion Representative in a Spanish cruise ship.

2010 – She works voluntarily as tutor assistant in sewing courses at Senai Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2010 –  Spanish skills improves with intensive course in Santiago, Chile.

2010 – The work as freelancer, as fashion designer, in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil takes place.

2009 – Bachelor in Fashion Design starts at Feevale University, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil (but will be interrupted due to work abroad).

2008 – International: for Brazilian, Uruguayan and Paraguayan Basketball teams! Alice becomes executive designer for Sportswear and Accessories in Campo Bom, Brazil.

2008 – Intensive course on Techniques of Fashion Design – and Italian language – at Accademia Italiana Florence, Italy.

2007 – Product Development Coordination in a casual brand in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2007 – Member of the specialized designer team, developing the uniforms for 25 participant countries at the Pan-American Games 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – equipping approx. 2000 athletes with more than 100000 pieces of garment.

2007 – Research travel to Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Hong Kong, China.

2006 – Product research, supplied development, and fair visits in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Nanjing, Shanghai et alii., in China.

2005 – Long travel for the participation on the Worlds Athletics Championship in Zagreb, Croatia; in the World Volleyball League in Belgrade, Servia (as sponsor brand representative); as well as research for technical sportswear in Frankfurt, Germany.

2003 – She starts working as Associated Designer for the biggest Brazilian sport brand in Parobé, Brazil.

2003 – Short experience at Solange Piccoli Wedding Gown Atelier, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2001 – The professional fashion career starts, as sample room supervisor for a fashion-chain in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2001 – A 2 years Professional Qualification Course in Fashion Industrial Manufacturing in Porto Alegre, Brazil is completed.

Before 2000

1998 – Alice starts the Business Administration Bachelor, in Canoas, Brazil (but gives it up for fashion!).

1995 – She is always involved in finding vintage, redesign and slow fashion personal projects, even though these words are not the last trend.

1987 – Basic handcrafts as crochet and tricot are leaned with her grandma, and how to sew with her mom. This year she gets her first sewing machine as Xmas gift.

1980 – Alice is born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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